As in weight lifting. Not to be confused with weightlifting which seems to generally refer to Olympic weightlifting.

Weight lifting is the primary mean of implementing Strength Training.

This page should really be named weight-lifting probably but I don’t really know what I want to do with this page yet and there is something about the simplicity of lifting.

When looking into lifting, the first thing one should note is the sport of Powerlifting. The sport itself is mostly not interesting but the lifts it consists of - deadlift, squat, and bench press are.

The power lifts are interesting for a number of reasons:

  1. Time efficiency. The power lifts are compound lifts. And probably the largest compounds at that. Compound lifts engage multiple muscle groups at once. Compare to isolation lifts - lifts targeting a single joint and muscle group. Like biceps curl. You may spend half an hour at the gym bicep curling and all you get is bigger bicep. Or you may spend that half an hour powerlifting and improve large part of the body overall.

  2. Practicality. The power lifts train general movement. Improving at power lifts guarantees improvements in every day living.

  3. Historical and general significance as a benchmark of overall strength.

    “The idea of powerlifting originated in ancient Greece, as men lifted stones to prove their strength and manhood.” [1]

Note all these reasons are inherently connected.

Interesting note, while the dumbbell seems to trace back to ancient Greece [2], the barbell is relatively recent invention with the Olympic barbell dating back to early 20th century [3] and for any kind of barbell there does not seem to be evidence dating further back than mid 19th century [4].

It is also worth noting that first barbells were fixed or weight-adjustable by shot. It took few more years for the innovation of plate-loaded barbells to emerge [4].